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News: Rainbow Six Siege’s mid-season patch switches up Renown to stop exploitation

Rainbow Six Siege Screenshots

Ubisoft has released a mid-season Reinforcements update for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. This update will also fix some bugs, resolve the peeking issues that have afflicted the game, tweak the game balance, and also adjust three of the operators. There have also been changes made to Renown, the in-game currency, which is now based on time played rather than score. The update will come to PC, PS4 and Xbox One today.

Kapkan can now carry five entry denial devices, and his lasers are much harder to see and deal 60 damage on detonation. This is overall reduction has been made to balance the fact that the laser is no longer as visible. That’s not all though, as Kapkan has been given a little bit of a speed boost, and he is now a 2-speed operator, instead of a 1-speed. Overall, he’s a much more versatile Defender.

Blitz can now spint with his shield up, which reduces his vulnerability, and will also enable him to finally take advantage of his shield flash.This can only be effectively used in close proximity to enemies, of course.

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