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News: Saints Row studio Volition lays off more than 30 people

Agents of Mayhem screenshot

As reported by Kotaku, Volition, the development studio behind the Saints Row series and, most recently, Agents of Mayhem, has laid off ‘over 30 people this week’ after the poor sales of the aforementioned Agents of Mayhem.

According to Kotaku’s sources, Volition’s parent company Deep Silver was less than impressed with Agents of Mayhem’s poor performance, leading to layoffs that included the studio’s general manager Dan Cermak. Reportedly a studio with around 200 employees, these layoffs account for around 15% of the total staff.

Volition was bought by Deep Silver relatively recently in 2013, when previous owner THQ when bankrupt. Saints Row is probably Volition’s best known and biggest success, a series that encompasses four main entries, an expansion that was also released as a standalone, and technically, Agents of Mayhem. 

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