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News: Sonic Mania is only a day away so here’s the launch trailer

Sonic Mania screenshots

Sega is celebrating the launch of Sonic Mania by releasing the launch trailer for the game, which gives fans a final visual taster of what to expect. Sonic Mania officially releases tomorrow on the PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Hopefully you’re not a PC gamer who’ll have to wait a little longer to scratch that nostalgic itch.

Reviews for the game are coming out today (, so it’s only normal to be feeling pretty hyped for the classic take of Sonic with a modernspin. Only another day to go and you’ll be about to spin and dash to your hearts content.

In Sonic Mania, Sonic returns in 2D with his buddies Tails and Knuckles, as they take off on an adventure through a thoroughly nostalgia-addled modern remix of classic levels to defeat Dr. Eggman and his gang of henchmen, the Hard Boiled Heavies.

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