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News: Sonic Mania kind of lags on Switch, but in a way that doesn’t affect the game whatsoever

Sonic Mania screenshots

Sonic Mania is finally out on PS4, Xbox One and Switch. But the Nintendo Switch version seems to be having an emerging issue of intermittent lag, whether the console is docked or in handheld mode, which becomes prevalent once the user attempts to put the system into sleep mode, take screenshots or when attempting to return to the home screen. It’s important to note that the issue doesn’t affect the core gameplay experience in any way for the majority of those affected by the issue.

I decided to give this a test considering I’d been playing the game on and off since the morning and had yet to come across any of the issues described. Ironically it only started happening once I went to check if there was an issue at all. A hard reset of the console seems to have eradicated the issue on my end, but this isn’t working for others at this moment in time.

It’s an irritating issue for sure, but thankfully one that doesn’t affect the core experience of the game. Other outlets have reported on the same issue cropping up, so it won’t be long until there is an official response on the matter. But minor quibbles aside it should be something relatively easy to resolve. 

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