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News: Telltale announces Batman: The Enemy Within at Comic-Con, first episode in August

Batman The Enemy Within

Telltale is not wasting any time with its announcements at Comic-Con, announcing three new games in one long announcement video. First up was Batman: The Enemy Within, with its first episode arriving this August. This time around Batman/Bruce Wayne faces off against The Riddler. Telltale really has no chill.

Batman: The Enemy Within is a new five-part episodic series that continues Telltale’s take on the bat. Episode one, ‘The Enigma’ sees Batman/Bruce Wayne having to thwart the threat of The Riddler, who has returned to terrorise Gotham City. With the Joker looming in the background and a new federal agent with a hard-on for Batman, it will be up to the player to choose their allies carefully. How deep into the darkness will you let Bruce descend through his deceptive actions?

Batman season two will carry over all your decisions from the original series, and remain accessible for new players to the game, while also featuring Telltale’s new multiplayer feature, Crowd Play, which allows friends and family to team-up together and decide which direction the story will take using their smartphones. I can see that being an absolute hoot, and the result of many family fallouts already.

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