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News: The agricultural simulator Real Farm comes out in October

Real Farm

Tractor and bovine fans unite, Soedesco has announced that its agricultural simulation, Real Farm, will be released on October 20. It will be coming out on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. A Nintendo Switch edition will also be coming at some point. This announcement was also supported by the first footage of the game in action.

Real Farm has been created for simulator fans and for those who know the difference between agronomy and arable. Players will be able to explore a huge open world, tilling the earth and sowing seeds in a massive array of farming vehicles. They can choose whether to focus on crops, rear their own livestock, or even excel at both.

The game comes with two modes, Free mode and Career mode. Free mode gives players the opportunity to partake in the farming experience without being constrained by typical farming duties. This mode allows players to take control of an established farm, and expand further afield. In the Career mode, players start from the bottom. Beginning as a contractor, they have to complete tasks and jobs for other farms, saving up enough to buy their own plot of land and cultivate their own agricultural reputation.

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