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News: The European version of Night Trap – 25th Anniversary is delayed for translation reasons

Imagem Night Trap 25 anos

The Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition was released on August 15, but only for North American folks. Developer Screaming Villains, said that the PS4 version is out in North America only initially because requests for additional languages only came ‘after development was completed’. It seems that Screaming Villains may have forgotten that Europe has more than one language. With multi-region games it can in fact take longer to be approved in different ones depending upon the content.

It could be worse though, we could be discussing the possibility of a Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition is a re-master of the cult B-movie game, where you play as backup for a special ops team who are investigating the mysterious happenings at a house where young girls keep disappearing. At the time of its release, Night Trap was a controversial game, notorious for how bad a game it actually was.

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