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News: The Malaysian government has blocked all of Steam because of one profane fighting game

fight of gods

Access to Steam is now blocked in all of Malaysia because of a game called Fight of Gods, where Jesus and Buddha smack each other around. No doubt many would be upset by the content of the early access fighting game, but few to the extent that Valve’s platform would be blocked in a whole country.

Yesterday, Malaysia’s Communications and Multimedia Minister, Dr Salleh Said Keruak, called for downloads of the game by consumers in Malaysia to be disabled, ‘Failing which further action will be taken.’ It seems that Fight of Gods is considered so offensive it actually becomes illegal under Malaysia’s Communications and Multimedia Act of 1998. 

‘Malaysians respect all cultural and religious sensitivities, and the sale and distribution of the religiously insensitive and blasphemous games must be stopped immediately,’ said Keruak. 

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