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News: The scheduled giant lootbox opening at Blizzcon didn’t go according to plan

Overwatch Angry Winston

As you’d probably gathered, Blizzcon took place over the weekend, and between the reveals of new Overwatch stuff, WoW stuff and Starcraft 2 going free-to-play, there were a number of panels giving fans an insight into Blizzard’s games. One lootbox-themed panel, however, went hilariously off plan.

As reported by PCGamesN, the panel was called ‘Overwatch Presents: What’s in the Lootbox?’ and was themed around a literal giant lootbox that was set to be opened on stage. Hosted by Blizzard Community Manager Josh Engen, it was reportedly open to both real attendees and virtual ticket holders, so many reasonably assumed that the event may be a reveal of some cool new things coming to the game’s lootbox system.

Alas, things took a bumpy turn from the start when the box itself was held up in customs, meaning it and its contents were unable to make the show. So the panel consisted of three YouTubers trying to guess the contents of a box that wasn’t there. A summary from Tumblr user TangoBunny, which has been widely shared on Twitter, describes it as ‘one of the biggest convention trainwrecks since Dashcon.’

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