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News: There’s a crowdfunding campaign for a miniature replica arcade cabinet


New Wave Toys has launched a Kickstarter for an officially licensed, and playable, mini arcade cabinet. The RepliCade x Centipede cabinet is an ‘accurately reproduced’ model of the original Centipede arcade cabinet, and it even features the retro-styled Trackball and push buttons. It’s the same machine as some older gamers may remember but only 1/6th of the size, coming in at 11.8”.

The RepliCade is squeezing quite a bit into its tiny frame. Each mini-cabinet runs the original arcade ROM of Centipede, which is shown on a 4:3 ratio, 3.5” LCD screen. It’ll be powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so you can even take it out and show it off to your mates. Then they’ll go back to their Battlefields and FIFAs.

The detailing is pretty spot on, and each RepliCade’s made with a combination of wood, plastic, metal, rubber, and finished with the original artwork in laminated vinyl on each side of the unit. The RepliCade also features an LED back-lit Marquee, for that proper arcade experience. You can even fiddle with the coin slot to add more credits.

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