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News: Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands companion documentary is finally out

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Remember that documentary on the Bolivian drug trade that Ubisoft financed as a companion to Ghost Recon Wildlands? Remember how it received an unannounced delay from it’s original release date of March 6?

Well, it finally came out, almost seven months after it was supposed to. It’s now available to rent or buy on iTunes and Amazon Prime. According to a press release sent around this afternoon, the delay enabled ‘further exploration of all key regions of South America, where the cocaine trade has left an indelible mark.’

To be fair, £1.99 for rent on iTunes is a steal for the documentary we saw months ago (it’s free on Prime, too), which featured interviews with fascinating people who’d been up to their necks in the drug trade. The thing is, it could conceivably no longer be that film, given that it’s now undergone half a year of ‘post-production’ changes. It’ll be interesting to see how different it is.

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