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News: Xbox One GameDVR bumped up to 1080p capture

Xbox One X

The Xbox One GameDVR feature is going to receive a nice resolution boost in the next Xbox One UI update. Currently the console only records game clips at 720p, but with the next big dashboard update Xbox One owners will be able to save game recordings at 1080p. This feature is available to test right now for members of the Xbox Insider Program (Alpha ring). 

When the UI redesign comes to the Xbox One later this year, all Xbox One owners will be able to save their games clips at 1080p directly to the Xbox One hard drive, or even to an external drive. This additional feature means players won’t have to worry about the space their game clips will take up on their console.

There’s some bad news however. With the rise in resolution, the frame-rate limitation cap of 30FPS remains the same. When the Xbox One X releases in November, it’ll be the only console capable of recording game footage at 1080p 60FPS without any issue, due to the additional processing power of the upcoming console.

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