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News: Xbox's Project Scorpio specs revealed; it apparently smashes 60FPS and 4K


The full specs for Xbox’s Project Scorpio have now been revealed via Digital Foundry, and it’s a monster. According to a post explaining all the tech on Eurogamer, it’ll run absolutely all Xbox One games better’ as well as backwards compatible titles, which may tempt more people into throwing down money for it.

Speaking of which, DF make a guess (and it is just a guess, having not had any info revealed by Xbox) that Scorpio could cost around $499.

The Scorpio does indeed hit six teraflops of computing power, as was rumoured previously. In comparison to other consoles this makes the Scorpio over three times more powerful than the Xbox One and PS4, and 50% more powerful than the PS4 Pro. DF believes that ‘the bottom line is that Scorpio’s six teraflops will almost certainly go a lot further than an equivalent PC part’, due in part to better optimisation and efficiency in the console.

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