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News: You decide which path to take in the Middle-earth: Shadow of War interactive live action film

Shadow of War live-action

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released another trailer for its upcoming action-adventure game Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Campaign That Never Forgets is a short teaser that showcases the game’s implementation of the Nemesis system. It’s also the first part of a brief but amusing live-action branching quest dictated by the players actions.

The Campaign That Never Forgets trailer recreates Shadow of War’s Nemesis system in real time, and requires the viewer to choose which path the Ranger should take. Depending on the choice the viewer takes, the story branches off into different directions. The whole brief interaction is a novel approach to clearly explaining how a player’s decisions can impact how their experience of the game when it releases.

Campaign That Never Forgets was directed by Neil Huxley, who’s also worked on the likes of Avatar and Watchmen (both flawed, yet excellent films), with the trailers visual style overseen by Game of Thrones stalwart Fabian Wagner. That’s a decent duo of talented folks involved in the making of this interactive live-action film.

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