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Older Technology Still Does The Job

I’m here, sitting in my hotel room in Majorca connected to an expensive WiFi which I paid for writing this blog on a old Dell Mini 9 I picked up a week or so before I came on holiday.

Most people; and I used to be one of them; changes their technology every 1 – 2 years, getting the latest and greatest processors or machine.

Over the past few years though I have come to the conclusion that although it’s great to have brand new technology; this also gives people with less cash to splash a great chance to upgrade to newer technology; or older newer technology.

I myself have now benefitted from this with a purchase 6 months ago of an older 8 core Mac Pro and now this Dell Mini which only cost £30.

I can say that this Mini 9 (which has Ubuntu 14.04 on at the moment but when I get back I will install Mint) has allowed myself and family to stay in contact with the world and at a price that can’t complain about.

As the title suggests; Old Technology Still Does the Job and so says my Mac Pro, Canon 400D, Sony WX200, Mini 9 and a few other items I could mention.

So, if a friend of your is getting some new tech then certainly suggest a purchase of their old.. Or let me know.

Author: Sean

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