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Owner of Orange and T-Mobile gets go-ahead for 4G

The owner of the mobile networks Orange and T-Mobile; Everything Everywhere; have been given permission from Ofcom to use its existing bandwidth to lauch a fourth-generation (4G) mobile service. Which means that 4G could hit the UK earlier that has been planned previously.

This move will deliver “significant benefits” Ofcom said and these benefits to consumers is believed to outweigh any competition concerns that may arrive.

Everything Everywhere; owner of Orange and T-Mobile; will be allowed to offer 4G services from 11th September; but when consumers will see 4G is down to a commercial decision by Everything Everywhere who may well wait till they can supply a service that is not detrimental to customers.

Ofcom has said it wants to see at least four wholesalers of 4G network mobile services so that consumers will benefit from lower prices through competition and an auction will take place at some point to sell chunks of radio spectrum to support 4G.

Will we see the similar auction bids to that of 3G when that became available? Only time will tell when the 4G radio spectrum chunks go up for auction..

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