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News: Micro Machines: World Series gameplay trailer released

It was announced back in January this year, but now you can check out some gameplay of the next entry in the Micro Machines series (via Eurogamer).Micro Machines: World Series is bringing back the old favourite modes such as Elimination, as well as … [Continue reading]

Preview: Antihero is a strategy game where the only strategy is to be bad

Antihero is Dickensian. It is the game that the Artful Dodger would have made if he cut loose that Twist mark and got into digital media. But it is suggestively, rather than explicitly, Dickensian. It's got all the pickpockets and gas lamps and … [Continue reading]

News: The NES Classic Mini has been discontinued worldwide

Following the news that the NES Classic Mini console was being discontinued in North American territories, it's now reported by Eurogamer that the miniature NES console is no longer in production in Europe. Which means it's no longer in production at … [Continue reading]

Video: Senran Kagura: Estival Versus – For Your Amusement

The Senran Kagura series has always baffled Colm from afar, so he decided to jump into Senran Kagura: Estival Versus in order for his mind to unravel.Powered by WPeMatico … [Continue reading]

Video: KOTOR 3 – What we need to see

Knights Of The Old Republic 3 is rumoured to be in development at BioWare, and IF that is to be true, here are the things Simon Miller wants to see in it.Powered by WPeMatico … [Continue reading]

Video: Horizon Zero Dawn – VG Versus

Colm and Alice need to perfect their arrow flinging skills in this week's fixture as the two attempt to off some Grazers in Horizon Zero Dawn.Powered by WPeMatico … [Continue reading]

Video: Watch Dogs 2: No Compromise DLC Preview

The latest update to Watch Dogs 2 adds some paintball guns, which leads to sexy results in No Compromise.Powered by WPeMatico … [Continue reading]

Preview: The Watch Dogs 2 April update: free PvP and porn you pay for

There are moments which really crystallise what makes games different as a medium. Piloting a tentacled sex robot — one which made erotic moaning noises whenever it bumped into a wall — was, for me, one of them. Interpret this how you will. The April … [Continue reading]

Video: Full Throttle Remastered: Why It's Better Than The Usual Nonsense

Simon Miller is well up for the release of Full Throttle Remastered. Come with him, on a motorbike, for a journey of discovery and nostalgia. Mostly nostalgia.Powered by WPeMatico … [Continue reading]

News: Resident Evil 7 exec producer: 'Plans for the next title are already in motion'

Speaking in the final part of Capcom's Resi 7 making of video series, the executive producer Jun Takeuchi reveals that the team at Capcom are already thinking about Resident Evil 8. He says 'Plans for the next title are already in motion, and when … [Continue reading]