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News: Dragon Ball FighterZ adds Krillin and Piccolo to the line-up

Over the weekend Bandai Namco and Arc System Works announced that Trunks would be joining the line-up for Dragon Ball FighterZ. It seems Bandai Namco isn't done yet.  As revealed in the latest issue of V-Jump magazine (via ryokutya2089), Krillin and … [Continue reading]

News: Windjammers tosses out an August release for PS4 and PSVita

Windjammers, the self-professed 'best arcade fighting frisbee game ever made', and obviously it's up against a lot of stiff competition for that title, finally has a release date for PS4 and PSVita, that being August 29. So, what is Windjammers? … [Continue reading]

Images: Windjammers

Check out all the images »Powered by WPeMatico … [Continue reading]

News: The Firing Squad slices and shoots its way through the latest trailer for Agents of Mayhem

Following on from it’s distinctly 80’s themed trailers, Agents of Mayhem's latest takes a turn for the modern era, albeit with a hint of Arabian nights to spice up affairs. In this trailer, three new characters are introduced to the fray: … [Continue reading]

News: The alternate E3 playthrough of Days Gone has snow, brutality.

At this year's E3 Sony showed off a gameplay demo of its action-adventure survival horror, Days Gone.Taking place in the rain, at night, the demo showed the protagonist Deacon St. John shooting at a pack of wolves, getting knocked off his bike, … [Continue reading]

News: Nidhogg 2 out next month on PlayStation 4

Creative director and co-founder at Messhof, Mark Essen, has confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that Nidhogg 2 will be available on PlayStation 4 from August 15. Those interested will be able to pre-order the game from July 18.The game is scheduled to … [Continue reading]

Review: Serial Cleaner review

There's a lot to like about Serial Cleaner. It's kind of like Viscera Cleanup Detail, but 2D and really 70s. It's got music with a funky bassline, and that kind of orange/brown/purple colour palette that still graces the living room of the old boy … [Continue reading]

News: Game Grumps’ Dream Daddy dating sim delayed on day of release

Dream Daddy: A Daddy Dating Simulator, co-created by a member of the Game Grumps team and voiced 'by the Game Grumps and friends', was supposed to come out, uh, now, but has had its release unexpectedly pulled, following three weeks of crunch from … [Continue reading]

News: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting an FOV slider and dedicated first-person servers

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the survival game taking the world by storm, is getting two big additions in upcoming updates, according to the game's developers Bluehole. First up will be an FOV (field-of-view) slider, which will give players greater … [Continue reading]

Video: The Golf Club 2 – VG Versus

The most realistic golf sim on the market has gotten a sequel in The Golf Club 2, and that means Alice and Colm must take battle it out in the course. Fair warning, though, they won't be troubling Rory McIlory anytime soon.Powered by WPeMatico … [Continue reading]