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News: Unannounced Overwatch artbook spotted on Amazon

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Video: Mass Effect and Hitman are Dead: What will be cancelled next?

Mass Effect is on hiatus. Hitman developer IO is being sold, or the studio is shut down if Square Enix can't find a buyer. Simon Miller thinks these are troubling gaming times.Powered by WPeMatico … [Continue reading]

News: Not the promise of Zelda: talking to an expert about The Legend of Zelda escape the room game

A little while ago it was announced that an escape the room game based on The Legend of Zelda, licensed by Ninty and everything, was touring North America and, eventually, Europe. People were excited. But previews and reviews are now coming in, and … [Continue reading]

News: Tom Brady is Madden NFL 18's cover star

New England Patriots' Tom Brady won a fifth Super Bowl earlier this year, and can now add the accolade of oldest American Footballer on the cover of a Madden game to his massive list of achievements, ESPN has reported. On the topic of the Madden … [Continue reading]

News: Alan Wake being removed from Steam and Xbox Store next Monday

While many of us have clamoured for a full Alan Wake sequel for some time, those of you who have never played the 2012 cult hit and want to, better act fast.Developer Remedy Entertainment has announced on Twitter that due to the licensed music in the … [Continue reading]

Video: Mass Effect: Andromeda – VG Versus

It may have been shelved for the time being, but that hasn't stopped Alice and Colm duking it out in Mass Effect: Andromeda in this rally challenge.Powered by WPeMatico … [Continue reading]

News: New open world Dynasty Warriors 9 officially confirmed for European release

Announced last year, and with further details recently released via Famitsu, the open world Dynasty Warriors 9 has now been confirmed for European release by Koei Tecmo Europe. Dynasty Warriors is a historical epic based on the Romance of the Three … [Continue reading]

Images: Dynasty Warriors 9 combat

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Feature: The best and worst romance of any video game is in Dragon Age: Inquisition

One of the things I find fascinating in games is how they deal with social interactions. Building encounters that are relatable and believable — for collections of polygons bumping into each other, at least — is a hard ask, so it's interesting seeing … [Continue reading]

Audio: VideoGamer Podcast #212 – All I Do Each Night is Prey

Rich Walker joins us this week to chat some Prey with Colm as the two have been playing it non-stop, Bethesda also got someone to change the name of their game, and Assassin's Creed is in Egypt, it seems.Powered by WPeMatico … [Continue reading]