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Preview: Antihero is a strategy game where the only strategy is to be bad

anithero screens

Antihero is Dickensian. It is the game that the Artful Dodger would have made if he cut loose that Twist mark and got into digital media. But it is suggestively, rather than explicitly, Dickensian. It’s got all the pickpockets and gas lamps and ‘orrible murder, but it happens remotely. You look upon the city, laid out like a board game, and you marshal your gang of ne’er do wells from a distance. Like how the bits you remember from the musical Oliver! are all the grubby, impoverished kids happily singing, and not so much the bits where people are actually killed. 

That’s fine, because Antihero isn’t setting out to teach you a lesson about society. You can become the head of a thieves guild without any qualms. So, then: You’ve already got a couple of urchins in the church, so if you sent one more in then you’d win a blackmail point. But, on the other hand, you’re pretty sure that your opponent has an assassin skulking around, so maybe you should beef up your gangs instead. 

Antihero is, fortunately, turn based, so you can agonise over your choice a bit. It’s not a full release yet, but it’s planned to get cross platform, asynchronous multiplayer. This means you will have the ability to ruin friendships across many weeks, as in the submarines-and-strategy game Subterfuge.

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