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Preview: In Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus you can explode enemies by sprinting into them

wolfenstein new screens

The last hands on I had with Wolfenstein II showcased a moment that broke up the ridiculous dual-wielding combat, where resistance hero B.J. Blazkowicz wandered around a small American town listening to the residents talking to Nazis — some delighting in the new regime and trying a bit too hard, others getting blind drunk and sitting in an alley, horrified at what was happening. 

Before beginning my hands on time with this preview build, I was told, ‘BJ has some upgrades because of his Power Suit, so you can sprint into Nazis and they’ll basically explode.’

It wasn’t all exploding Nazis. There were some fun cutscenes, one involving a bootlegging communist from Tennessee who lead the New Orleans resistance (New Orleans having been turned into a giant, walled slum that the Nazis chuck undesirables like bootlegging communists into). But for the most part it was nuts and bolts, and digging into the combat.

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