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Review: Everything Review

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I went to a gig once and the singer, apparently unaware of the unspoken ‘play the hits, no talking’ rule, spent some time decrying governments. Specifically, he railed against the notion of countries and nations. The divides are constructed. ‘All borders are,’ he said, pointing a rebellious finger in the air, ‘Are, fucking, lines in the sand.’ 

And he was, in a sense, correct. Borders don’t technically exist in nature, they’re a by-product of human society. It’s very interesting to examine the evolution of different societies, and to consider the economic, social, and political ramifications of having vs. not having borders. And it’s very nice to think of borders as not being there, and that we’re all one: one race, the human race. And in another sense, a very real sense, he was wrong, as he would discover if he tried to walk over the line in the sand represented by a two mile wide demilitarised zone between North and South Korea.

This vaguely anarchic frontman is what I thought of when I played Everything.

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