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Review: Prey Review

Prey 2

I was strutting around the Talos-1 space station like an absolute hero — I was practically weighed down by the abundance of shotgun shells in my back pocket, and for a brief period I knew I could deal with anything that came my way. My weapon could remain holstered for the time-being, though, because I was in the Arboretum enjoying a moment of calm. My desire to off the menacing aliens known as the Typhon was replaced with wonder, as I gawked at this rare sight of foliage. 

There were a few Phantoms patrolling the area, but they were far enough away that I could continue collecting flower-petals, like the sensitive spaceman I am. I’m not sure why I let my guard down; Prey had already taught me to always stay alert. I sauntered over to a nearby pond, taking in the surrounding greenery, when one of the lily-pads revealed itself to be a shape-shifting Mimic, baying for blood. What an absolute idiot.

Other than a few instances where I foolishly let my guard down, I walked around every corner dreading what was in front me. I tensed up any time I used a keycard to open an unlocked door for fear an ugly, toxic beast was emerging from behind it, like the least desirable choice on Blind Date. If I didn’t know any better I’d think they weren’t overly excited to see me either. The eardrum-quivering screech the ugly bastards let out upon their surprise appearance was, on many occasions, the last thing I heard before my TranStar suit gave way to an onslaught of extraterrestrial hurt. 

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