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Review: Splatoon 2 review

Splatoon 2 Screens

There’s something inescapably joyous about the Splatoon series (for it is a series now, of course), so that even if you’re consistently splatted by the same player over and over again you don’t take it personally, and even if you spend a whole morning never winning a match you don’t rage quit. Who cares? We’re just a bunch of crazy kids trying to cover everything in paint! I’ll get you next time, you scallywag! Hahaha!

Having said that, you can sometimes feel the frustration radiating from the level 14 player who ended up on a team of level threes, all of whom either a) don’t know what they’re doing or b) don’t have access to the more useful gear yet. Then there are the times when the matchmaking puts all the higher level players on one team, and all the lower level players on the other, so you never really stood a chance. Your bright green paint falls to the tide of enemy purple from the off, the paint still having a beautiful, almost solid look to it where it lands, and you end the match with a paltry 28.3% floor coverage to your name. It’s barely enough to look the baddies in the eye, let alone beat them.

Splatoon 2 doesn’t really start to become fun until you pass approximately level four, at which point you can start tooling up with some of the cooler weapons, like the Dualies, the rapid-fire guns you wield with one in each hand, or the Slosher, which is literally just a bucket of paint. As you level up you unlock access to better versions of said weapons, and better gear. But Splatoon 2 has made subtle changes to the weapons that can really affect the flow of battle, even if they don’t seem like a big deal on paper.

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