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Review: Tacoma review

Tacoma screenshot

I really liked Tacoma, but in the spirit of making this review as useful as possible to the largest potential number of people, I’ll start by saying that if you didn’t like Gone Home, Fullbright’s critically lauded and well received but, nevertheless, in some quarters extremely polarising game (wherein a girl comes home to an empty house and, upon exploring, discovers danger: here thar be lesbian teenagers) then you will probably not like Tacoma. 

If you didn’t like Gone Home because of the unacceptable levels of homosexual characters then be warned that Tacoma has approximately 100% more (not to mention a lot of people who aren’t caucasian, in space, in positions of authority, and thus Tacoma flouts historical accuracy by ignoring how space was invented by the Russians, who are basically in charge of the Caucasus, check and mate). If you didn’t like Gone Home because you just aren’t fond of walking simulators then be warned that Tacoma is one of those again. There’s no action or personal danger. You’re just quietly exploring a quiet story that already happened.

Like Gone Home, in Tacoma you’re in a building that should be full of people, but is weirdly empty, and full of echoes of when they were last there — except in Tacoma it’s a high tech space station decades in the future, and the echoes are AR ones that you can actual see and hear and rewind or fast forward, not metaphorical ones. Something happened on board and you’re there to download data, take the AI core, and bugger off again. 

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