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Review: The Evil Within 2 review

The Evil Within 2 Screenshots

Picture this: you’re a detective, apparently a good one, when your daughter dies in a fire and your wife, convinced it was a conspiracy by a secret organisation, leaves you, and you eventually become an alcoholic. Later, you’re called to Beacon Mental Hospital where multiple people have been killed, and end up inside an experimental machine called STEM that allows multiple people to connect with one person’s mind, which, it turns out, isn’t a cakewalk, particularly if that one person is a serial killer. You eventually escape and, years later, have to go back into STEM because it turns out your wife was right and your daughter has been alive the entire time. 

Mondays, amirite?

Sebastian Castellanos makes his second jaunt into the human mind in The Evil Within 2, a direct sequel to The Evil Within (direct enough that I’d recommend you play the original first). This time you get a McGuffin in the form of Lily Castellanos, kidnapped at the age of 5 and placed into MOBIUS’ new STEM machine as its core. Lily’s mind was used to make a nice, quiet, ‘Anywhere, USA’ town called Union — except, as ever, people started turning into monsters, and several sociopaths snuck their way in (one, hilariously, because his dangerous ego was put down in his psych evaluation as due to his being an artistic type). Between them they kidnap Lily inside what was already a kidnap, creating an overwrought Russian doll of kidnapping for Sebastian to save her from. 

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