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Review: The Last Day of June review

the last day of june

You’ll be able to gauge your likely response to The Last Day of June based on your response to the opening montage of Up. The one with the couple growing old together and experiencing loss together and having their own armchairs side by side. The Last Day of June has that same kind of emotional density. 

You can blast through it in one sitting if you have an afternoon. In it you play a man called Carl, who has incredibly large, incredibly round spectacles, and a nice little house in a nice little village with few other occupants: a young boy; an old man; a moustachioed hunter (and his dog); a woman who’s moving out. And then there’s June, Carl’s wife. And if you think the title of the game represents an ill portent for June, you are correct.

Carl and June go down to a jetty where they can picnic and June can sketch the water, which is where you start the game. It starts to rain and, just as they’re about to turn off the road back into their village, they crash. And June dies. Carl wakes up alone, at night, in a dark house, now in a wheelchair after the accident. The table is set for one, and he only has canned food. But through June’s paintings of their neighbours he finds he’s able to go back to that day and control them all in turn, to try and change June’s fate.

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