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Rumors and parts for new iPhone seem to be fitting into place

With the new iPhone and iPad Mini introduction being rumored for the all but confirmed September 12th Apple Media Event there are a few sites/people looking at the leaked parts and news.

MacRumors has an article dated yesterday, Monday 20th, as an example whre they paired the Dock/Headphone Jack Assembly with the Rear Shell. In it they report that “the two parts fit together extremely well”. In it they say home things such as screw holes and components line up perfectly.

Other rumors include reports at DigiTimes about the romored 7.85″ iPad beginning volume production in September. An estimated target for this is 4 million units per month to prepare for demand for the year-end holidays.

More on these rumors can be seen at DigiTimes and MacRumors but until the Apple Media Event these are still just rumors. Here’s one person hoping that the iPhone 5 will be released next month.

Author: webconce

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