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What is a social media consultant

Social media is what has driven the computer revolution into the trend set. Many years ago it was just the geeks like myself who would be sitting in front of a VDU  (been a while since used that) reading and typing away. I remember being in chat rooms many years before social media took off and on the entire site you would have around 1000 people on their from the entire world.

Fast forward to today and on a big social media site such as Facebook you probably have that many people connected in less than a square mile.

Social media is the trend; we get more social media sites, plugins, games, etc pop up each day and so when looking at a marketing strategy social media is certainly more used now than your TV.

So, social media consultant. Obviously from the title the consult about social media. But if you would like to read a great interview with one follow this link and enjoy.

Author: webconce

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