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Sony starts the new year by dropping a classic – the PS2

Sony have started the new year with cutting the production of its PS2. Since 2000 this has been one of Sony’s best selling consoles and has had many of the best games produced running on it (in my opinion). I can remember seeing Gran Turismo 3 and then 4 as well as many of the Need for Speed 2

So popular was the PS2 that is still out sold the PS3 for the first 3 years of the PS3’s release; a great testament to the PS2. By ending the production it has spurred rumors that it is putting its manufacturing resources towards a PS4, although remember that at the moment this is just a rumor.

Although Sony is ending production of the PS2 console it doesn’t mean that game production will cease; as an example another installment of the Final Fantasy series is due in March 2013.

So, join me in wish a Bonn Voyage to a true classic.

Author: webconce

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