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CurationSoft – Help you to post better content to your blogs

I love providing content on this site, giving technology news and info out to people is what I have done for years in word via mouth form. I even tried to do with video which was fun, even if not watched too much.

Of course, keeping up with todays news is impossible for a 1 or 2 person team; especially with busy schedules like day to day work etc. So, to help me along a little I recently bought CurationSoft which basically is a piece of software that allows you to construct a post and include links to subject matter that your post is about.

Just to clarify; you simply do a search for you subject; you can set the source to things like Google Blogs, YouTube, etc and it comes back with a list. You then simply drag and drop into your post to produce the following type of links and info :

the lone home ranger: how to build your blog readership


One of the greatest tips I’ve learned about writing is that the best way to get over writer’s block is to write every day. In that spirit, I’m planning to blog every day in March! I have a few recipes, some ideas that have been

As you can see above, it copies in a link to the post/info and then a little snippet. You can pull in a number of these to give you bigger better posts. On posting you can schedule the posts all from the software so y ou could quick produce 7 post for the week. Very quick, very easy and looks great if you build up.

So, YouTube videos; how about a demo of the product ?


CurationSoft Demo Video What is CurationSoft and how does it work?

Or bit more info?


CurationSoft 2.0 – The Postbuilder Update – The latest 2.0 version of CS is ready to go. It is a huge update with a fully fledged inbuilt post builder.

If I were making a video you would see just how quick and easy it is to do; well you can see from the above videos :-)

Best thing is; its desktop software and not a theme so you can publish to lots of blogs. Its also cheaper than a lot of themes out there…

Truely a bargain that will help me improve my posts. So, if you like the sound of it and want to know more check out and click the button below to go to their website…



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