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How to get free and legal tech ebooks to read on PC, Mac, Smartphone

Its not really that difficult and as I say is completely legal. First thing you will need to do is either own a kindle or download one of the free clients from Amazon

I personally have a kindle, but we also have kindle app on iPod and on PC so all come in handy.

OK, now the tricky bit ;)  well not really. This advice seems very simple when you read it but hands up who actually would have thought of this? Personally its something I have been doing for some time now and have had some great books (and some not so great).

Anyhow, here is the secret. Got Amazon  ( for me or .com or .whichever). Next choose “Kindle Store” as the search area and type in the subject you wish to look for (for example “social marketing”).

Ok, so once the search has returned, on the top right of the search window you can see sort by. Sort from low to high and hey presto free books would be listed first.

Its best to do this at least once a week as they do change when people do give aways, usually lasts for around 5 days in Kindle. But its your way of getting hold of free info; some of it great.

All I have to say is go and enjoy. And please share this blog post if you find it useful.

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