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Magix Music Maker 2015 Premium

I recently had the opportunity to review the latest Magix Music Maker; Magix Music Maker 2015 Premium. Magix music maker; as the name states; is a music maker program; but one that is aimed at the average user and not a professional musician.

What it helps you do is use loops provided and VST to produce music using multiple tracks; making up a tune using small parts at a time. You can produce something that is small or large over time using this method. Also, as its so easy to just pull these loops into the tracks you can see how it sounds on the fly. Its amazing how easy it is.

When producting this music you can use supplied loops, you can also buy DVD’s from Magix with loops on there as well as using their download service. These loops generally sorted in style and then instrument folders which means you can easily pick all loops with in a single style to make your music OR even multiple styles. Its amazing how it can all mix together.

Instead of me trying to explain more; why not take a look at the video…

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DUBTurbo – An actual honest review, 2/10 and why

I was looking for some affiliate products to promote and saw DubTurbo being quite a high marketed item and so thought, why not check it out.

Now, before I get into giving my honst opinion, if your here by mistake and want to check out the sales page then you can use the following link : DubTurbo Link

OK, so onto my honest, and I mean honest opinion. I saw MANY so called reviews on this product; not sure how many if any had actually ran this program. How many were telling the truth?

Well at least one review I found did which I will list below :

Dubturbo Review: 4 Reasons Why I DON’T MakeBeats101


Why is it almost impossible to find an honest review of Dubturbo or Sonic Producer that doesn’t end up trying to convince you to buy it? Discover why here.

OK, so that review does taint it a little and I have to be totally fair in that its not completely useless. You can create music/beats with this product if you really wanted to. It is also a cheap product at around $40.

I actually played around with this product; I got a review copy; and I could create beats and tune using the default instruments. That said, the product is VERY basic so don’t be expecting to be able to do anything other than drag and drop. Even the menu’s are from the 1990’s, no dropdowns?

This brings me to another issue with this item. How the hell do you pull in VST’s? With the review copy there was even the VST pack and I could not figure out how to include it, how to change the location of the VST directory it maybe looking at? Nothing?

This is why I say you can drag and drop and create a beat easily with default instruments but god help you for pulling in VST’s. I actually gave up?

There are a few products I would certainly recommend which are quite similar BUT have far more functionallity and are only slightly more expensive.

The first is Magix Music Maker (latest being 2013). This allows you to do drag and drop BUT has far more functionality. OK, its probably double the price but its worth it.

Second one is Reaper. If you looking for a DAW then Reaper is a great product and is an actually PROPER DAW.

But again, to be fair DubTurbo is cheap, you can do beats in it but if I were to rate out of 10 I would give it a 2.

If you want to take a look at DubTurbo then please use this like : DubTurbo Link

If you want to take a look at Magix Music then please use this link : Magix Music Link

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