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Free Pac-Man; play it online for free without downloading

That’s right. Free play, no download and probably one of the best games ever.. And we do love free things…

Pacman is one of those games that has seem to keep being played, keeps being reinvented and just keeps going for too many years I like to think of. I personally first played it some 30 or so years ago. But lets not think about that :)

This accurate clone by Shaun Williams’¬†plays on your computer using the arrow keys and even on mobile devices where swiping the touchscreen accomplishes the same thing.

The only negative is that currently Pacman is still a licensed product and has a active copyright so Namco could decide to file a DMCA takedown request. That would prove to be a spanner in the future for such a brilliant and accurate clone so go play it while you can.

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