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Is the Genesis WordPress theme for you

Genesis Theme/Framework was the first WordPress framework (not theme) that I saw and tried. I did a review on this a little while ago; this blog was created for that review as it goes :


Genesis WordPress Framework Review

There are many WordPress themes out there, some premium, some free. There are also a few Superthemes or Frameworks that sit on top of WordPress and offer extra layout functionality. StudioPress offer one of the better know and widely used frameworks …

Over time I have had opportunity to play with this theme to further my understanding and have the conclusion that Genesis is a great framework to use although to get the best out of it you need to do some CSS and code yourself.

There are many child themes available for Genesis; you can buy one or the complete bundle plus those that are not out yet. You can even get a basic theme that you can use as a template to design your own.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out the following articles :


The Genesis Framework Is the Only WordPress Theme You Need


I’ve been using the Genesis framework since its inception in February, 2010. I stopped using other WordPress themes entirely in mid-2011.


Why a Genesis and Thesis Comparison is Still No Comparison


Even if you’re not a theme developer yourself, if you’ve attended a WordCamp, visited a WordPress Meetup, or hung out with WordPress folks, you’ll have heard of starter themes, frameworks and child themes. These are the


Its also great for SEO :


Best Seo WordPress Themes | Themes Tube


A great premium SEO wordpress theme using the Genesis framework. Genesis framework is well optimized by SEO specialist and it provides a layer of security to ensure your website is safe. It comes with 6 default layers and huge selection of

There are many other articles out there on Genesis Theme; some positive and some negative. You need to make up your mind what is right for you and hopefully the above articles give you a little more info.

This blog is running using Genesis and one of its child themes with very little customization apart from widgets. There are even new widgets out for Genesis allowing you to create custom hook boxes so no need to code those any more.

If after reading these you are interested in getting Genesis Framework or just reading a bit more on their site then please click our affiliate link : StudioPress Themes for WordPress

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