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Which town is the Pirate capital of UK; O err me matey

Just incase you want to cut to the end first, its Manchester.

Yes, Manchester has been named the UK’s pirate capital after research on illegal downloads by the monitoring service at Musicmetric.

It also concluded that in the first half of 2012 over 40 million albums and singles were shared by users in the UK.

How did it come up with those figures and statistics? Well; it monitored the global activity of BitTorrent files.

How this data will be used moving forward is that it will firstly single out popular piracy websites and then actions will be taken in blocking said pages and removal for them from Google search.

What other information is held in this data is not written; at least at non of the sites I have found this report. However I can say that in other countries this data has contains IP address that were used to track back to uploads and downloads.

The report has also said that the UK is particularly bad for downloading and is ranked second only behind the USA.

Just for info, the top 20 places in the UK for donloads per person are: 1. Manchester; 2. Nottingham; 3. Southampton; 4. Liverpool; 5. Sheffield; 6. Leicester; 7. Stoke-on-Trent; 8. Glasgow; 9. Cardiff; 10. Leeds; 11. Bristol; 12. Edinburgh; 13. Wolverhampton; 14. Derby; 15. Reading; 16. Bradford; 17. Kingston Upon Hull; 18. Birmingham; 19. Coventry; 20. London.

Did you contribute to this statistic?

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