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Ubuntu OS comes to smart phones

News is out that the Ubuntu operating system has been adapted for smart phones.ubuntu phone

For those that don’t know what Ubuntu is; its an operating system based on the Linux OS; the Debian version of Linux to be a little more precise.

Some may wander what that is and why and if will work etc. Those of us that run Android already have an introduction to Linux on our phones though as Android is based on Linux kernel so its not that alien to phones in reality.

What benefits can this give us? Well, it would seem that there is an aim to extend what the phone will be able to do. For example, one bit of info says that a user will be able to run desktop apps while your phone is plugged into a monitor doubling for a desktop PC.

So, the aim for this OS is to give you a phone that you can plug into monitors, use as a desktop then pick up and take with you.

Initial release of the Ubuntu system will be available to install on the Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus phone replacing the Android system.

We can only wait and see if this takes up; although in my opinion the thought is a good one if we can have enough power in the phone to run our desktop systems.

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