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Which virus scanner / Antivirus software should I use on my computer

There are a few good free virus scanner / Antivirus  software in the public domain these days; and free doesn’t mean bad. But what free does mean that you will probably find less time dedicated to the free version over and beyond the paid for version.PC Virus

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have used free virus scanner software, usually on a second computer such as my notebook. However, for my main use computer I will always use a paid for scanner because I know the virus library is much more up to date. You also generally get more extra protection from thinks like spam, firewall, etc these days.

There are a few of these I have used, but I will talk about the 3 I have used most here.

Firstly my favorite virus scanner which is ESET NOD32 AntiVirus and more recently ESET Smart Security. When I first used NOD32 Antivirus it was because it was the recommended for gamers. It had the smallest memory and CPU footprint and was the fastest virus scanner I had ever used. It caught all virus that I ever saw, although in that time I only encountered about 2. More recently I moved up to the Smart Security suite which was also amazing. It caught many a webpage trying to run malicious scripts. In fact, this is more of a worry these days from my point than virus software themselves; and this is also one area you find that the free virus scanners do not cover. As this is the quickest and certainly my best it earns first place.

Next and number two in my top is Kaspersky Antivirus and Kaspersky Internet Security, I’m infact currently using  Kaspersky Internet Security  2013 myself – mainly as got deal on 2012 license and when got Window 8 they allowed me to download 2013 edition through same license.

Again, Kaspersky has caught a number of virus programs in the time I have used it (I have used it in previous years before too, for last 5 years I have alternated between NOD32 and Kaspersky) and now with the Internet Security it is also catching those malicious webpages trying again to run scripts on my computer.

Now it maybe the case that both these over compensate on the malicious scripts; I don’t know; but I do know I would rather they over compensate than under.

The last product I want to talk about is Symantics Norton Security. Now I would say this is the easiest product to pick up in store, although deals usually are better online for all these products (and links I have added have % off cost of each). One down of Norton is that it is the slowest of the 3 I talk about. However, I used Norton for a number of years as it was often bundled with the Norton Utilities.

Norton comes bundled with a number of features to protect the family such as parental controls; to name just one; and so you can see why it is one of the leading security products out there. I used it for 4 or 5 years in my time and it did very well; its only 3rd on list because other two were faster in my use.

All 3 products have regular updates tot their database of virus and malicious code and you will always feel protected in your use of PC and internet (if get security suites).

What are your top 3? Do they differ? If so why; I would love to get your views to see if I change my license come May…

Please be aware that all the links in this post are affiliate links associated to me.


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