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Why Windows 7 & Windows Vista users should disable the Sidebar & Gadgets

A couple of months ago, Microsoft decided to stop hosting all Gadgets on their Gadget Gallery Website and they gave this reason:

“Because we want to focus on the exciting possibilities of the newest version of Windows, the Windows website no longer hosts the Gadget Gallery.”

In actual fact, the real reason behind the decision to stop hosting Gadgets, was because It appears there were serious vulnerabilities in the Gadgets that could allow Remote Code Execution, that could allow attackers to take complete control of a person’s system.

Now Microsoft is warning Windows 7 and Vista users to disable the Sidebar and Desktop Gadgets in a Knowledge Base article.

Microsoft issued a Fix It solution KB2719662, which you can download from HERE. The Fix It will disable the Sidebar and the Desktop Gadgets for you automatically.

The supplied default Windows 7 and Vista default Gadgets such as the Clock and Calendar seem to be ok, but many third party Gadgets that were hosted on the Microsoft Gallery Website and from other websites around the net are not to be trusted. So anyone who is still using any non-Microsoft third party Gadgets, it’s best to not load them and delete to be on the safe side.

Author: Stuart

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