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WOW addicts in Iran cut from their feed

World of Warfare players in Iran found their link to the online game cut recently after Blizzard complied with US trade sanctions. This also meant that Blizzard were also unable to give refunds to plays or transfer their accounts.

Problems came to light last week after hundreds of Iranian players posted complaining messages on the game forums saying they could no longer access the game.

This led to Blizzard posting a statement explaining what had happened.

This statement highlighted US economic sanctions and trade restrictions when meant it could not do business with people living in certain locations; one of them being Iran.

Some players of WOW and other games such as Guild Wars also said that when trying to log in they were redirected to a pay saying that the connection had been blocked because the games promoted “superstition and mythology”.

Blizzard did say that they had no information about Iranian government action against online games in general.

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