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You possibly can’t spell ‘Massive D’oh’ with out IHOb; Workday to purchase Adaptive Insights

You possibly can’t spell ‘Massive D’oh’ with out IHOb

Attempt to include your pleasure: IHOP, which teased a reputation change to IHOb this month, stated Monday that the “b’’ is to advertise its new burger menu. The corporate wouldn’t give an finish date for IHOb however referred to the “tongue-in-cheek identify change” and stated it was tied to the summer season burger promotion. Perhaps the most effective response was a tweet from Wendy’s: “Can’t wait to strive a burger from the place that determined pancakes had been too exhausting.”

Variety of the day

$20 million

That’s how a lot Craigslist founder Craig Newmark is donating to the Metropolis College of New York’s Graduate College of Journalism.

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